HostTonight Affiliate Program


$ 30 USD * gift for you

Welcome to the HostTonight affiliate program that will help you earn some extra cash!

When you register, create your personalized code in the field “Affiliate Code” and share it with everyone who you think might need our services. And voilà!

Earn some extra cash with each new Host that chooses HostTonight!*

For more information, see the *Program Conditions


By submiting this information you accept the terms and conditions of the services, privacy policies, refund policies and guarantee conditions.


*To qualify for this offer, the property must have a confirmed reservation (established check-in date) within 20 days of the given Host’s sign up to HostTonight (the point at which they change their account e-mail).

This reservation can be confirmed by a City Manager once HostTonight has access to the Host’s account; a pre-existing reservation, confirmed by the Host, may also qualify as long as the check-in date is within 20 days after the Host’s sign up to HostTonight and the subsequent change of account e-mail.